Who Looks After Public Sewer Connections?

Your property may not be connected to the public sewer network, if it’s a recent development. You might think of public sewers as utilities on a grand scale, which don’t have anything to do with you. However, it is your responsibility, when it comes to public sewer connections, to arrange to have your property connected.


Who is Responsible for What?


Sewerage companies are responsible for the public sewers. They have certain rights of access, covering private gardens where sewer pipes cross. This means if the sewerage company needs to do work on the public sewer where it falls on your land, they would normally take care of this.


But the drains and private sewers carrying household waste are the responsibility of the householder or landlord whose property it is. It is the private individual’s responsibility to arrange the connection of the local network to the public sewer. Where the household waste connects with the public sewer marks the boundary, and indicates where the individual’s responsibility begins.


How Do You Apply for a Public Sewer Connection?


To connect your property to the public sewerage network, you have to apply for a connection in order to comply with Section 106 of the Water Industry Act. The reason for this is to safeguard the integrity of the public sewerage system by ensuring there are no unauthorised connections to it, releasing anything into it, which might disrupt or damage it.


The most straightforward way of doing this to find a qualified contractor who will do the work for you. In this way, you retain control over the work in terms of when it happens. Make sure you have all the work planned in advance, with proper plans submitted by your contractor on your behalf to your utilities provider.


We have the specialist professional experience to carry out this work for you quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. We’ll complete the necessary certification and make arrangements for the Water Authority to inspect our work. It’s your responsibility, but we can make it trouble-free for you.


Contact Drainage Consultants today to find out how we can help with public sewer connections.

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