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Expert CCTV Drain Surveys

It can be hard to pinpoint a problem in your drainage system, but if you suspect that something isn’t right with your drains, choose a CCTV drain survey from Drainage Consultants Ltd. Our surveys are performed by members of our expert drain team, and carried out using high tech drain inspection cameras to identify and diagnose the issue.

Once we’ve discovered the problem, we’ll use our expert knowledge to solve your drain issues safely and efficiently. Even better, using a drain inspection camera is much more convenient and environmentally friendly in comparison to taking the entire drain apart.

Drain issues can cause significant damage if they’re not dealt with promptly, but our CCTV drain surveys can identify the issue in no time. Our cameras are ideally suited for pipes both above and below ground, offering you quick results with minimal disruption.

Our CCTV Drain Survey will:

  • Provide a timely and cost effective drain mapping service detailing the extent of pipework, diagnosing and detecting issues.
  • Allow accurate assessments of conditions in areas where access is problematic.
  • Be carried out by a fully NRSWA accredited drainage specialist who will give you the information necessary for your ISO-14001 family environmental certification.
  • Give you assurance from knowing that your drainage systems are providing the chemical recapture and pollution control you need.
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If you’d like to find out more about our drain CCTV surveys, we can arrange an initial assessment for you over the phone where we’ll discuss your requirements, as well as let you know about our affordable CCTV drain survey costs. If you contact us over the phone or via our website, we guarantee that we’ll reply to your request within 24 hours and put you straight in touch with a fully accredited CCTV drain survey engineer.

Along with a healthy flow check and identification of problems, CCTV Drain Surveys are often a common stipulation from mortgage companies and banks for property purchases. This is a quick and hassle free service which could save you thousands of pounds. We are fully insured and will give you the peace of mind you need.


Thorough Drain Investigation Cameras

We utilise precise sonar drain tracing to pinpoint the location of any defects and identify future issues. Our cameras can survey bore pipes ranging from 50mm to 900 diameters depending on the individual need.

In Depth Reports & Survey Recommendations

Our engineers will supply a comprehensive report and DVD showing the condition of the drain. A personal plan of action including costing to return the drain to health will be provided.

Expert Drainage Inspection Engineers

Our teams are experienced surveying on airports, housing estates, construction sites, industrial parks and retail parks. We understand the challenges your business faces.

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Conclusive Drain Survey Services

Our reports provide essential information written in plain English with as little industry jargon as possible.

After we've been on site surveying the pipework accessible from manholes, gullies and access points, a report is compiled detailing:

    • The location of drainage runs
    • The internal condition of the pipework
    • The internal sizes of the pipework
    • Pipework materials
    • Hidden connections
  • Pipework defects

A schematic plan of the drainage system is included within the report. Any defects identified are highlighted and recommendations to repair are proposed with associated costs.

Manhole survey sheets will be completed and an internal photograph included for each manhole within the area surveyed. Manhole reference numbers will correspond to those given on the video and the following information will be provided:

    • Invert depths from the cover to each pipe entering or leaving the manhole.
    • Pipe diameters for all pipes entering or leaving the manhole.
    • A condition survey of the manhole including benching and the cover and/or frame.
  • A drawing of the manhole detailing all connection points and their orientation to the main outfall including flow arrow.

Hard copies of both the survey condition report and the manhole survey sheet will be provided with a DVD containing the survey footage.

Our CCTV Drain Survey Process

Contact us online during office hours and we will get back to you within an hour – or call 08000 654 111 for an instant response.

  • If you’re able to provide us with site plans then we will provide you with a no obligation quote the same day.
  • We specialise in business drainage services and will be able to process any pre-qualification questionnaires you have to become an approved contractor.
  • We offer a quick turnaround on your report.

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