Precision Root Cutting

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Precision Root Cutting

The roots of trees and shrubs can cause considerable difficulties when it comes to drains. At Drainage Consultants, we have the experience and the expertise to ensure that we address the issue effectively. We use appropriate cutting techniques to prevent roots from causing continued damage. Precision is central to our success. There are various ways of coping with intrusive roots, but we prefer not to use chemical methods. If chemicals are utilised to deal with roots that encroach upon drainage systems, one consequence can be the pollution of rivers and canals.

The damage that roots can cause

Other things apart from roots can cause disruption to the functioning of drains. However, experience tells us that roots are a more common problem than mineral deposits, for example. Roots can get into pipes through cracks, joints and substandard pipe work in search of liquids with plentiful nutrients. The roots can start thin, but they can grow into an unpleasant mass which can eventually become a taproot. A pipe may easily become blocked. Worse still, the collars which are a feature of a pipe can be broken by the roots. If replacement is required, the cost can be relatively high.

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Rods and attachments are sometimes useful

We know that it is best not to treat all root problems in an identical fashion. Small problems with roots can be dealt with by the employment of a drain rod with an attached plunger. If the roots are more developed, then it may be appropriate to use a rod with a cutting head stuck on to it.

High-pressure water cutting works well.

When roots are causing a significant blockage, the deployment of high-pressure water is often the shrewdest decision to take. We can bring specialist equipment to bear, with impressive results. If you believe that you might have a root-related dilemma, please call us so we can assess the situation.

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