Defect Reports Following Planned Maintenance Visits

Defect Reports Following Planned Maintenance Visits

Many organisations can benefit significantly from our planned maintenance visits. These can ensure that serious drainage problems do not get out of hand. At Drainage Consultants, we are well aware of the disruption and cost which can result from inadequate drain maintenance. However, sometimes regular maintenance does reveal something worrying about a drainage system. In such cases, we prepare a clear defect report that enables you to make an informed choice about how best to proceed.

Benefits associated with planned maintenance

Different organisations have diverse maintenance requirements. Nonetheless, a wide range of public and private sector operations can save money by using our services. Standard offices might not produce as much waste as food processing factories, but both types of establishments can gain from our regular drain monitoring. Business owners can enjoy peace of mind and avoid expensive drainage surprises, while any issues with their drains can be flagged up before a crisis happens.

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The contents of a defect report

Understanding our defect reports is really simple for our customers. We include all the relevant information in a jargon-free manner. A typical report will highlight issues like spreading roots of trees, water retention, damaged pipes and broken joints. It will then illuminate the causes of the specific difficulties, before making concrete recommendations about what needs to be done. We recognise the importance of making affordable recommendations. We also make sure that we cover any implications with regard to nearby properties that belong to others.

A scan is sometimes part of a defect report

In some circumstances, a scan may be provided to the customer. We know that a scan of a drain can be helpful. If you have any questions about our defect reports, please do not hesitate to contact our team for further information.

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