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Drain Mapping Survey

Drainage Consultants Ltd has a huge amount of technical experience mapping drains, producing schematic plans to order along with survey sheets and CCTV drainage survey footage.

We understand that drain mapping is a crucial element in the project planning process, therefore we ensure that what we produce is accurate and to the highest professional standard.

What is a Drain Mapping Survey?

It is part of the detective work that needs doing before a building project can go ahead. Any construction or refurbishment project that involves building over existing drain or sewer pipes will require accurate information in advance of work commencing.

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Drain Mapping

Why is a drain survey so important?

Many buildings do not have up to date or readily available plans. Sometimes changes that have been made over time have not been added to the existing plans. Drain mapping is an opportunity to update this information and is essential in making sure that subsequent construction work is non-disruptive or damaging to the drainage infrastructure.

How is drain mapping carried out?

We use state-of-the-art CCTV technology to survey drains. This is both cost effective and highly reliable. From the information we gather we can then produce an accurate, comprehensive survey of the drainage system, including schematics and survey sheets.

What do you get from a drain survey?

From our extensive survey and investigation we produce detailed plans showing internal and external drain runs and connections, where manholes and inspection chambers are located and the direction of water flow. Our drain mapping service is crucial to the construction sector and to anyone with an interest in building over existing drainage systems.


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