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Connecting to a main sewer ensures that waste or surface water can be channelled away from a property safely and effectively. When installing sewer connections, it’s essential to contact a reputable company. At Drainage Consultants, our team has extensive experience in all kinds of drain maintenance and installations.

When connecting to an existing system, laws are in place to make sure the sewage system is not damaged, which only highlights the importance of calling in professionals for the task.

How do professionals install public sewer connections?

There are a number of methods available, depending on the nature of the area’s infrastructure and the property or site being developed.

An oblique junction, or Y-piece, may be installed and must be made of the same material as the sewage system. Similarly, professionals might choose a saddle, which fits onto the curvature of an existing pipe to establish a new connection.

In the case of brick sewers, professional drainage specialists can establish a new connection by carefully removing bricks from the structure or drilling into it.


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Lateral Sewer Connections

When connecting to a sewage system that passes beneath a roadway or land adjacent to your property, it might be the case that an adoptable connection, or ‘lateral’, is required. This relatively thin drain will be accompanied by what’s called a ‘demarcation chamber’, which is accessed by a point located within the boundary of your own property.

Passing Sewer Inspection

Once a connection is made, a Certificate of Satisfactory Inspection will have to be obtained. As workmanship is one of the core aspects of the installation to be checked by a Water Authority Inspector, opting for the services of a reputable drainage specialist is the only way to ensure that approval is given first time.

Whatever connection is required, at Drainage Consultants we work to advise our customers on the best solutions for their property, installing drainage systems to the highest standard. Speak to us today about your public sewer connections.


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