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Leak Detection

Leaks of various types can be really problematic for property owners. At Drainage Consultants, we know that you want any leaks to be sorted out promptly. Fortunately, our team has the know-how to achieve this, and the first step in the process is leak detection.

Our trained personnel possess the experience and the expertise to use appropriate tools to detect leaks without any fuss. We recognise that trying to take shortcuts with leaks can prolong the difficulties associated with them. For this reason, we adopt a through process while maintaining a really competitively-priced service.

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A complicated process

Water does not get to a tap without passing through a number of systems, which means that many pipes may need checking in the event of a leak occurring. Pinpointing the source of a leak has to be accomplished quickly to minimise disruption and damage. However, failing to respect the complexity of a situation can mean that a comprehensive solution to a problem is not delivered. Our skill and speed are therefore of the essence.

The right tools for the job

Using appropriate equipment is essential in the leak detection business, and much depends on the nature of the leak under investigation. We can use electronic ground microphones where necessary, and pipe tracing is another option we have at our disposal. We only dig up as a last resort having exhausted all other alternatives.

Getting in there early

At Drainage Consultants, we don’t mess about when we hear you have a problem. We believe that drainage problems are best dealt with as soon as they become apparent, so that the issue can be sorted before it gets worse. If a leak is causing you aggravation, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance, and find out how we can pull the plug on the problem.


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