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Dye Testing

At Drainage Consultants, we are experts in taking a diversity of approaches to the major problems that affect drains. Our dedicated employees are trained to cope with a plethora of different circumstances and, whether the difficulty is large or small, we can be trusted to respond swiftly, assess the situation accurately and act decisively.

One method that we deploy is dye testing, which allows us to discover precisely what is going wrong in complex cases. Here’s a brief overview of the types of cases these include, which may help foster understanding of the processes in question.

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dye testing

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Investigating drainage systems with several links

Drainage systems may demand dye testing for a range of reasons; it’s not just the fact that drains are underground that can make them tricky to investigate. If a drainage structure is complicated, then it might not be obvious where it drains to. The dilemma can be compounded if plans of the system are out-of-date, hard to access or unclear. Dye testing with a fluid, which is always neither staining nor toxic, can be a handy solution.

Addressing leaks into basements

Basements and cellars are prone to absorbing water, which can be very aggravating and costly. Sometimes, only an expert will be able to tell where the water is flowing from. The beauty of dye testing is that dyes of various colours can be used to determine this information. Whether the dyes come in the form of powders or tablets has no impact on the outcome.

Other techniques can be used alongside dye testing

Dye testing is only one of the proven methods we apply when we are working out what is going on in a particular location. It can be combined successfully with other cost-effective and safe approaches. With versatile dye testing just one of our many techniques, be sure to make us your first point of call if you develop a drain-related problem.

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