Steady Does It: How Careful is a Drainage Investigation?

No one likes disturbance, least of all when it involves your home or property. The worry when it comes to drains is that inspecting them will then result in contractors digging things up and leaving a trail of disruption. However, it may surprise you when we tell you how hassle-free, and careful, a drainage investigation can be.

Why Have a Drainage Investigation?

In an ideal world, your drains would function well without any trouble. But like many things, they are subject to wear and tear, and damage over time. You might encounter the symptoms of a damaged drain without realising what they mean. For example, interior damp patches, or outdoor pools of water gathering even when there has been no rainfall, are signs that all is not well with your drains.

Now these symptoms might be something you feel you can live with, but like suffering nagging pain from a persistent injury, they are sure indicators that you’ll need to take action eventually. Generally the rule is the sooner the better. Drainage problems, if left alone too long, are likely to escalate into something seriously disruptive.

Even when the fault doesn’t immediately affect you, such as happens sometimes with a collapsed drain, the long-term effects can be catastrophic. Subsidence, for example, results from wastewater persistently leaking into the surrounding ground from a damaged pipe.

How Trouble-free is It?

We employ various non-invasive methods for a drainage investigation. A CCTV drain survey can provide us with valuable visual data about your drains and when combined with sonar drain tracing, builds up a comprehensive picture of the drainage network.

We may follow this detective work with some preliminary excavations to expose the problem, much like exploratory surgery. The key is for us to be able to accurately diagnose the drainage problem before committing to a full programme of work.

By following a proper investigative and diagnostic process, we can usually minimise the amount of disruption you’re likely to face when it comes to taking remedial action.

We make our drainage investigations as non-disruptive as possible, and we work to ensure your drains are functioning the way they should. Contact Drainage Consultants today to find out more about our services.

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