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During the construction of a new building or the extensive redevelopment of an existing property, it’s essential that professionals are consulted when it comes to fitting and checking manholes and interceptors.

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What is a manhole?

A manhole allows human access, usually from street level, to sewer or drainage areas below ground where essential maintenance work or inspections can be carried out. A manhole can reach any depth, although today they are usually at least a metre deep, and they are constructed with a minimum internal space of 60cm x 90cm.

When developing a new property, it may become necessary to connect to an existing manhole. For professional drainage specialists, this won’t be a problem; we can install a new connection by breaking into the manhole – whether it’s brick built or made of pre-cast concrete (PCC) – while keeping damage to a minimum.

What are interceptors?

An interceptor is an essential installation, as it prevents common oils – such as those that could seep from machinery or vehicles – from getting into and polluting the main drainage system. The interceptor area holds pollutants until they can be removed manually later.

It’s important for interceptors to be inspected throughout the year.

Interceptors are often used for areas that see a lot of vehicle traffic or machinery use – such as roads, car parks, workshops, or any areas where it’s possible for the oil to get into the common drainage system.

Call in the professionals

Failure to have installations carried out professionally can not only lead to prosecution, but can also cause injury. Additionally, money may be lost in the long term as essential repairs and re-fits have to be undertaken at a later date.

As established specialists in our industry, at Drainage Consultants we know that what our clients require will depend on entirely on their circumstances – on the property under development and the area in which work is being carried out.

Drainage Consultants
Drainage Consultants


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