Unmasked! How Drain Tracing Reveals Hidden Problems

If you can’t see something, fixing it is that much harder. Problems with drains can be problematic for precisely this reason. Drain tracing is one key method of investigating areas and pinpointing faults that would otherwise be difficult to locate.

What Does Train Tracing Involve?

Used in conjunction with a CCTV drain survey, drain tracing is a high tech method using electronic pulses, allowing us to accurately find where problem areas are in drainage systems. The drain survey’s visual record of the drains will reveal the condition of the system; high tech mapping through drain tracing narrows the investigation down.

State-of-the-art sonar tracing equipment helps us locate drains and sewers, discover blockages and collapsed drains, and means we don’t have to do any digging for diagnostic purposes.

Location, Detection and Prevention

Drain networks are not always accurately mapped; and on occasion original drainage plans are out of date. When building works are scheduled, drain
tracing can be an essential preliminary activity in order to determine drain and sewer locations.

With drainage problems, drain tracing is a bit like exploratory keyhole surgery: it’s an effective means of detecting issues and building up an accurate picture of them, in order for us to be able to plan remedial action.

Drain tracing can also be a crucial way of getting an early understanding of drain deterioration in a drainage network. If there are symptoms of a collapsed drain, for example, sonar drain tracing will provide the necessary confirmation.

Our Range of Services

There is no single method regarding drainage work: we employ a variety of techniques, processes and procedures to ensure we can meet our customers’ needs. What we offer is a service that will investigate, diagnose and remedy a range of drainage problems. Drain tracing is an essential part of this service.

We understand how vital it is for us to be prepared for whatever drainage issues come our way, which is why we offer a full drainage service, employing a key team of specialist technical staff with the equipment to match.

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