Drain Tracing: When High Tech Goes Underground

If you think drainage is all just about holes in the road and heavy duty work, think again. Drain tracing is a hugely important element in sorting out drainage problems and it involves state of the art technology.

When is Drain Tracing Used?

How accurately mapped out is the drainage network. Drain networks change over time and plans are not always up to date. For issues around building over sewers, or other utilities, drain tracing can play a vital part in any preliminary work. It’s also an essential diagnostic tool for examining drainage problems.

Drains are prone to damage and deterioration from a number of external factors, including the incursion of tree roots. A collapsed drain may not immediately present itself as a problem, but it can have severe consequences for buildings, including subsidence.

It’s important, therefore, to have an effective way of detecting long and short-term drainage problems without resorting to large-scale exploratory excavations at the outset. This is what makes drain tracing both efficient and cost effective.

How Does Drain Tracing Work?

Sonar drain tracing is a practical application of technology for problem-solving diagnostics. Using electronic pulses, we can accurately detect any problem areas in the drainage network and gives us the necessary information to help build up an accurate plan of the drains. This mapping is then a useful future resource for maintaining accurate drainage plans.

Often used alongside a CCTV drain survey, drain tracing is one of a whole range of services we provide in order to get to the bottom of a drainage issue. Whether this is to prevent or repair drainage problems, or simply to gather information about your drains, we are fully equipped to detect and diagnose damage, deterioration and other issues, regardless of the age or complexity of a drainage network.

In short, we don’t just rely on one thing. Drain tracing is one key service alongside many others. We’re Drainage Consultants, with the right tools for any job, and the right technical support to get the job done.

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