Hassle-free Public Sewer Connections

What would be the effect of your property not being connected to the public sewer system? The short answer is: trouble. Proper, safe drainage for sewerage is a mark of a civilised society. No one wants to return to a time when people shouted a warning (if you were lucky) and hurled their waste out of the window onto the street. Public sewer connections are an essential part of modern infrastructure, but they do involve a certain amount of individual responsibility.

If you have a new or existing property that needs connecting to the main public sewer, there are certain things you have to do to ensure that this happens. Under section 106 of the 1991 Water Industry Act, you must apply to your local utilities provider for permission to connect your property to the public sewer. This concerns foul (waste) water and surface water from rainfall.

The reason you have to make a formal application is to safeguard the whole public sewerage system by ensuring there are no unauthorised public sewer connections which might, in some way, damage or disrupt it.
Because you are making your own private decision to do this, you can choose a contractor to do the connection work for you. Your local utilities provider can carry out the work, but you have more choice, and control over the situation, if you decide on the company you want to do it. It's important that the work is planned in advance, so you will need to get your chosen contractor on board early on so that you can then submit proper plans to the utilities provider as part of your application.

At Drainage Consultants we have a vast amount of experience in carrying out public sewer connections for a wide range of clients. We take a very customer-centred approach to all our work, which means ensuring that your plans are professionally completed and clearly marked up to ensure your application goes through smoothly.

Once this is approved we'll schedule the work in at a time that's convenient for you, and we'll carry it out with the minimum of fuss or disruption. After we've done the work, we'll complete all the necessary certification on your behalf and arrange for the Water Authority to come and inspect the work.

We’re here to take the hassle out of the situation, making it easy for you to get the work done when you want it, to a standard that meets the most exacting professional standards.

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