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Customer Advice

Drainage Consultants have put together this information to help answer some of your questions and provide solutions to any problems with your drainage system, problems that can occur at any property.

Should you require any further assistance please contact one of our qualified and experienced Engineers on 0845 226 5060 or e-mail us via our contact information page.

How can I reduce the likelihood of a blocked drain or sewer?

  • Using the correct disposal methods for many waste items will help keep the drains free flowing. Items such as nappies, cotton buds, food waste and fats should not be disposed of through the drainage system.
  • Personal items like nappies and sanitary towels should be sealed in plastic bags and placed in the bin, do not flush these items down the toilet.
  • The use of a sink sieve when preparing food will prevent the traps on your sink from blocking.
  • Maintain the drainage gullies around your property. Clean away leaves and garden debris that if left will eventually block the drainage system.
  • Drainage Consultants operates cost effective drainage maintenance programmes. For further information on how you can implement such a programme please contact our office on 08000 654111.

My drains are blocked. How do I clear the drainage line?

Simple Blockages
Simple blockages can be cleared quite easily and more often than not it is possible for the property owner to clear the drain following these simple steps.

i) Blocked trap below the kitchen sink.
Waste traps located below the kitchen sink will block as a result of food deposits and fats building up in the u-bend. Simply empty the wastewater from the sink in to a bucket and pour warm water from the kettle into the plug hole being careful not to scold yourself. The action of the warm water flowing around the food waste should eventually break down the blockage. Should the trap still be blocked them gently plunge around the plug hole. Please contact us for further assistance should you require.

ii) Blocked toilet.
Blocked toilets often result from too much toilet paper in the toilet, children's toys or general misuse. Most of the time to clear the drain it requires a quick and easy step. Obtain a drain plunger, most properties have them and if not your local hire shop will be able to hire one to you for a few pounds. Plunge around the trap in the toilet pan and this should clear the drain. If the drain has not cleared then inspect the drainage gullies around the point at which the soil pipe discharges into the ground externally. Should the gullies be overflowing then the drainage system serving the property is likely to be blocked and you should call Drainage Consultants for further assistance.

iii) Blocked house gullies.
Generally building and house gullies block from leaves, debris and garden cuttings. Wearing some long gauntlets clear the waste at the bottom of the gully and wash the gully and branch through with some water from the hose pipe. Important, do not allow the end of the hose pipe to come into contact with the wastewater.

iv) Blocked drainage systems.
We do not advise that you attempt to clear blocked drainage systems. Foul wastewater can be a high risk to the health and safety of the person attempting to clear the drain. Please contact our office and we will advise accordingly.

How do current building regulations affect drainage systems and waste disposal?

Click here to open a pdf of Document H which provides up to date information on drainage systems and building regulations.

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