Make a Fresh Start in 2016 With a Drain Survey

New Year resolutions aren’t always easy to keep. As you put away that last mince pie you might be thinking about an exercise regime that you’ll start in January. But will you, or will the demands of day-to-day life get in the way? Sometimes putting things off, or doing nothing, seems like the easiest option.

Some things, however, you can’t afford to put off, because the longer you leave them, the worse they’ll become. This is the case with faulty, blocked or damaged drains.

One clear way of finding out what state your drains are in is to have a drain survey. This involves specialist technology, whereby the camera is sent underground into the drainage system to record what’s there. The camera enters the system through manholes or access points. Once this is done, it’s carefully pushed through the pipework.

After the footage has been captured, it will be analysed by a team of experts. Any faults or damage to the drainage system will show up on the footage. This is a technologically advanced but economical way of establishing exactly what the conditions of the drain are.

Drainage systems are prone to deterioration over time. The effects of this may not be immediately apparent, or may be intermittent. Symptoms range from persistent blockages that reoccur to lingering odours and slow flow of drainage water.

The clear benefit of a drain survey is that it will clearly establish the cause for any of these symptoms. The CCTV footage forms the basis for a full report that includes a DVD as a visual record of what the survey has uncovered.

In the end, whether it’s a case of urgent repairs or other remedial work, the drain survey will enable us to clearly diagnose the problem and make a full set of recommendations for how we’ll solve it.

Sometimes putting things off, or not following through with your resolution, isn’t the best thing. Sometimes you need to make a fresh start and take decisive action. The drain survey you have now may well save you a lot of difficulty later.

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