Buildings Insurance: How a Drain Survey Helps

A drain survey is a diagnostic tool, but it also is an important measure in preventing the worst from happening. It can give reassurance to insurers and property owners that the local drainage network is working, and it can provide crucial information should an insurance claim arise. So when it comes to buildings insurance, the drain survey has a key role to play.


Are You Covered?

Faulty drains can have a serious affect on a building, with, potentially, complete failure of the drainage system and subsidence, damaging the foundations. You can be covered for this providing you have ensured the regular maintenance of your drainage system. But making a successful claim can be something of an uphill struggle. There are frequently a substantial number of issues to address and you may have many technical questions around drain failure and drainage to answer.

The drain survey can, therefore, be of real assistance. It will give you the right level of technical information about your drainage system to be able to successfully submit a claim under your buildings insurance.

It’s important that you have real substance to your claim, and the drain survey will be able to provide this, and satisfy your insurer’s demands for information.


What Will a Drain Survey Do?

A drain survey will be able to locate trouble spots in drainage systems: areas where the pipework is degraded, or where tree roots have caused damage. If there are, or have been, blockages, the drain survey will pinpoint where, and indicate contributing factors to damaged drains.

When it comes to deciding what remedial action to take, the drain survey will be able to give you a clear indication what will be required.

We look at all the survey data we’ve gathered, including the actual CCTV footage, and it allows us to put forward an accurate quotation for any essential work we’d need to do on your behalf to put things right. All this is essential for a buildings insurance claim.

If your insurer requires a building subsidence report, we can provide this, along with the full drain survey report. We’re in the business of detection and diagnosis, and experts at carrying out remedial and preventative work. Let our drain survey be your starting point to getting things sorted out.

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