Don’t Ignore the Elephant in Your Drain

It’s true; in some places elephants get trapped in drains. Really. There have been stories in the news from Thailand to Africa about this happening. On the one hand, detecting the drainage problem shouldn’t prove too difficult – you won’t need a CCTV drain survey to spot an elephant blocking the drain – on the other, shifting the problem might require quite a bit of manpower.

There’s something else to consider though. The expression, elephant in the room, has become commonplace, short for ignoring a problem that’s so big that avoiding it seems easier than tackling it. But what happens if there’s an elephant in your drain?

What we mean is, supposing you’ve got ongoing drainage problems. Maybe they’re not enough to completely bring you to a standstill, but nevertheless, they’re an inconvenience. What sort of problems? Perhaps your drains are always smelly, no matter what you put down them to try and take the stench away. Or your drains are slow to work, or you keep having repeated, minor blockages that you’re able to clear for a short time but they keep happening.

These might be the sorts of drainage problems you feel you can somehow learn to live with. But at the back of your mind there’s the nagging worry that things going wrong repeatedly are only going to get worse. So if you want to confront the elephant in your drain, what can you do?

We can give your drains a CCTV drain survey. It is what it sounds like: we send a camera down your drainage system to uncover its hidden secrets. This is a really cost effective way to find out what state, exactly, your drains are in. It will reveal any problem areas, blockages and weaknesses.

We compile the results into a comprehensive report for you, and we include a DVD of the CCTV drain survey footage so you can see for yourself. We’ll give you a recommended course of action and fully explain to you what we need to do to get your drains sorted out.

You might be able to live with an elephant, but in the end surely it’s better to have any problems investigated and remedied, before you face a full-blown crisis.

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