As the Seasons Change, Think of Your Drains

Problems encountered in one part of the year may not occur in another when it comes to your drains. For example, at the end of 2016 the winter was mild, which meant less chance of difficulties associated with frozen pipes, but it was exceptionally wet, leading to flooding and drainage difficulties.

When we’re not faced with troublesome weather we tend to take a step back, and become less concerned with things like drains. But it’s important to be prepared. So, when summer ends, are your drains in good working order for the winter months ahead?


The Benefits of a CCTV Drain Survey

There are a number of indicators of drainage problems, from unpleasant smells and persistent odours to backed up toilets and sinks. None of these things is pleasant to live with, which is why drainage problems tend to be treated as an emergency.

However, there may also be times when your drains are smelling or slow to work, but not to the extent that you’re massively inconvenienced. You shouldn’t get lulled into inaction because the problem seems limited. It’s often the case that smaller problems are indicators of worse to come, if you don’t take action.

For example, a leaking drain can lead to subsidence if untreated, which will seriously undermine a property’s foundations.

It’s the familiar stitch in time adage that applies here: having your drains inspected with a CCTV drain survey because you suspect there might be a problem can help prevent drain damage escalating into something far more serious.

What Do You Get from Your CCTV Drain Survey?

You’ll get to see what we see: the CCTV footage of your survey on a DVD, together with a full report about the state of your drains, and a recommended course of action.

Basically, we’re here to make things clearer, for you and for your drains. There’s a lot of old and faulty drainage pipework out there – make sure it isn’t yours.

Don’t get caught out when the seasons change and the weather takes its toll. If you’ve got any suspicion about your drains, book a CCTV survey with Drainage.


Consultants today, and take a big step forward to better drains and reassurance for the future.

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