Water company exposes problem with misleading advice

A survey carried out by north west water company United Utilities last year revealed some worrying findings for households up and down the country.

They looked at many items manufactured by the leading hygiene brands and found that the advice on their products was actually misleading their customers.

With many products like cotton wool, make-up wipes and baby wipes the packaging described them as being safe to dispose of down the toilet, or did not contain clear advice at all.

This has only served to compound the problem of people flushing away items that simply were not designed to enter the drainage and sewerage system.

In fact, the knock-on effect of this has led to thousands of families experiencing drainage problems such as wastewater flooding caused by these kinds of pipe blockages. As well as causing havoc in homes, this also has an effect on the flooding of roads, while river pollution is another concern.

Regional wastewater network manager for United Utilities, Mike Wood, said:

“These products are the bane of our sewer engineers’ lives. There is a wipe for everything these days, but most of these products don’t break down like toilet tissue, and so build up and form giant plugs in our sewers and customers’ toilet pipes.

“They are directly responsible for thousands of incidents of sewer flooding, yet all too often, disposal advice on these products is missing or misleading.”

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