Vital Preventative Drain Maintenance for Schools

Schools can be complex buildings, which require a high degree of maintenance. During term time, anything disrupting the smooth running of a school, such as a blocked drain, can have an impact on both pupils and staff.
Therefore, it is often in a school’s best interests to undertake preventative maintenance during school holidays, to minimise the risk of disruption during term time.
For this reason, Drainage Consultants undertakes preventative maintenance, including a drain survey, for schools in the Stockport area.

Potential Drainage Issues for Schools
Not all school buildings are modern, which makes regular maintenance a must for drains. Old drainage systems often end up with root infestation and cracked pipes.
With the amount of use drains in schools typically get, foul and blocked drains are also an all-too common occurrence, as are blocked downpipes and guttering.
Emergency drainage issues and the need for on the spot repairs are likely to be disruptive during term time, and while these situations may be unavoidable in some instances, taking preventative measures will help lessen the chances of this happening.
Regular maintenance during school holidays is, therefore, key. Schools should always ensure their drainage systems are prepared for the new school year.

How We Help Stockport Schools
As part of a preventative drain maintenance programme, we visit the majority of schools in the Stockport area and conduct a thorough drain survey of each.
For below ground drainage checks, we schedule visits during the summer holidays or half-term break so that we do not disrupt the daily running of the school when pupils are in attendance.
A drain survey will reveal any weaknesses in the school’s drainage network, including damaged pipes and blockages. We can then schedule in remedial work during the school holiday period
We also check gutters and carry out high level gutter cleaning. This is a vital job after the autumn, when leaf fall can easily block gutters and, if left, cause blockages to drains.
If schools have clean and efficient drainage systems after regular, preventative maintenance, this can save on repairs, and disturbance, at a later date.

Not Just for Schools
All buildings can benefit from preventative drain maintenance, whether commercial or people’s homes.
Drains can become less efficient over time with a build-up of materials blocking them; or they can be damaged below ground without you knowing, leading to leaks that can undermine a building’s foundations.
If you think your drains aren’t at their best, or you have an old drainage network you’d like checking out, give Drainage Consultants a call.