The main causes of sewer flooding

If the sewer system close to your home floods, the water company may not be held responsible for this situation. You should therefore contact drainage maintenance specialists to discuss how you can arrange for this health hazard to be cleaned up. In many circumstances the flooding could have been avoided. We will now look at some of the most common causes of sewer flooding in residential areas.

A number of factors can contribute to the flooding of the sewers. These include things like extreme rainfall, blockages in the system as well as problems with capacity. Flooding is a problem for many parts of the UK as it is not just periods of heavy rain that can cause this issue.

In fact, if people only realised that the flushing of inappropriate items down the toilet then blockages and capacity problems can be reduced dramatically. The sewers can only function as they should when water is allowed to flow and do its job.

When people dispose of items like nappies, toddler wipes, cotton buds, sanitary towels in this way, it can create a nightmare situation which often leads to sewer flooding. These items should really be put in the bin instead as sewers are not designed to take away these products.

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