Thames Water gets into festive spirit to highlight sewer problems

Staff at Thames Water decided to make a serious point using Christmas Carols last month when they posted a YouTube video of themselves singing a reworded classic to highlight the issues of fat disposal in the sewerage system.

They were all dressed up in suitable festive attire for the occasion as they sang to the tune of ‘Deck the Halls’. The main point they were trying to make is that when people have finished their Christmas dinner, they should not use the drainage pipes to dispose of their unwanted fats used in the cooking.

A Victorian brick sewer in London was used to film the sketch where they hoped the message would get across to residents of the capital. In the city the problem of fat disposal poured down the sink makes their jobs much more difficult.

Rob Smith, the lead chorister of the singing sewermen and worker at Thames Water, said:

"The sewermens’ war cry is: ‘Bin it – don’t block it.’ We are hell-bent on stopping hideous 'fat bergs,' which block sewers and can cause it to back-up into people’s homes and gardens, which is utterly hideous. We’re committed to preventing sewer blockages but we need people’s help. Listen to our song: ‘You must bin it – please don’t block it.’ Got it?"

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