Stop blocked drains (Part 2)

In the last article we discussed the common ways drains can be blocked by putting incorrect substances into your kitchen sink. Here we will discuss what can and cannot be put into the drainage/sewer system from the bathroom.

Nappies and sanitary wear

Many people think that it is ok to put sanitary wear and nappies down the toilet. It’s not. Flushing things like this down the toilet will result in a blockage. The only things that should be put into the toilet are waste products and toilet tissue. Even putting kitchen roll or cotton wool balls into the toilet can cause a blockage so this should also be avoided.


When you have a shower or a bath it’s amazing how much hair can end up in the drainage system. For this reason you should use a plug hole filter over your plug holes in the bath and sink if possible, so hair does not find its way into the system and clog the pipes.

There are of course some occasions that your waste pipes may become blocked for another reason than those already stated. If they do, you should call a drain inspection engineer to have a look at the problem so they can solve the problem and repair or unblock the drainage system.

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