Stop blocked drains (Part 1)

If you have a blocked drain, the consequences can be nothing more than devastating for the homeowner, in some cases waste water can actually flood into your home. However, most of the blockages that occur in your drainage pipes at home can be avoided by being careful about what you put into your drainage system and following a few simple hints and tips.

In this two part article, we are going to discuss what should not be put down the drain and give you some advice on what you can do to stop drain blockages.

Most drain blockages are caused by the homeowner intentionally or unintentionally putting things into the drainage system that should not be there.

Food stuffs and oil

Many people scrape scraps of food into the kitchen sink and pour waste cooking oil into the drainage system. Both these practices will cause a drain blockage.

Cooking oil and fats will solidify in the drainage system and cause the flow of waste water to be reduced. If enough of these types of substances are put into the drainage system, it can block the pipes totally. Cooking oils and fats should be put into a container and when set should be disposed of in the general waste.

Scraping waste food down the drain can also cause blocked pipes under your sink. Food scraps should always be scraped in the bin. If you use a sink filter over your plug hole, any food that unintentionally finds its way into the sink will be caught by the filter and can be disposed of in the bin.

Continued in part 2.

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