Sewer blockages in Yorkshire: The scale of the problem revealed

Yorkshire Water has revealed that in the past six months alone, their teams have had to take on over 100 sewer blockage jobs in the seaside resort of Bridlington.

This just goes to show the issue at a local level, with nearly 19,000 blockages having to be attended in the region last year. With 54,000 kilometres of sewer pipes to look after, this just goes to show that the water company certainly has its work cut out.

Their statistics show that around 38 per cent of these blockages were due to grease, oil and fat being poured sown the sink or nappies, sanitary items and baby wipes being flushed down the toilet.

As well as proving to be costly to remove the build up of these products from the sewers it can also cause inconvenience to householders too. Home flooding is just one result of this being allowed to happen.

However, in order to combat this growing problem, the water company has started rolling out an innovative new sewer clearing method of using fat-busting bugs in addition to common practices such as drain jetting.

Patrick Killgallon, pollution manager at Yorkshire Water, said:

“The deployment of fat-busting bugs in our sewer network is an example of this, with these ‘good’ bacteria literally feasting on solidified fat in our sewer. And because these bacteria constantly multiply in the right environment, we can leave them to get on with their job in our sewers, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, without the need for regular dosing.

“Consequently, we’re confident their introduction will significantly help to reduce fat, oils and grease blockages in the region, ensuring waste water from local homes and businesses can flow freely to our sewage works where we can recycle it properly before returning it to the environment.”

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