Rotherham residents educated on ‘Doing The Dirty’

The next stop for Yorkshire Water’s ‘Doing The Dirty’ tour was the town of Rotherham in South Yorkshire. On Saturday local residents were given the chance to obtain free sink strainers from the water company as part of their campaign to highlight sewer issues.

Yorkshire Water organised the event to show the community that sewerage systems can be damaged by the simple act of pouring fat down the sink in the kitchen.

As well as the goodies on offer, the water company provided interested residents with free advice on how best to dispose of cooking fats and oils, instead of getting rid of it in this popular way.

People flocked to the Old Town Hall to see what the organisation had to say, with many surprised to hear how engineers from the company had to clear 18,000 blockages last year throughout the region. Even in Rotherham there were 143 blockages related to fat deposits, with 81 of them being avoidable.

Pollution manager at the water company, Patrick Killgallon, said:

“Having your home filled with waste from your toilet and indeed your sink is a very unpleasant experience, which is why we are encouraging people to think twice before they pour left over fat down the plug hole or flush the odd make-up wipe down the toilet.

“We hope that by taking our road show on tour around the region we can really show people what the consequences look like.”

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