Perfecting the Process with Sonar Drain Tracing

Drainage problems are going to be difficult to spot with the naked eye because, naturally, they usually occur below ground. You might easily notice the symptom, such as water not draining, or foul smells, but you won’t be able to work out the cause.

This is why state-of-the-art drain detection equipment and technology is so essential. One of the methods we use to detect drainage problems is drain tracing.

 Locating a Drainage Problem

 Drains are not always easy to locate. Often there are no up to date plans of a drainage network, so we have to do our own knowledge-gathering.

Finding the drains is one thing, diagnosing the problem is another.

Fortunately, we have the right tools for the job. We can use CCTV cameras for a drain survey, but that is far from the limit of the technology at our disposal.

We can also locate drains and drainage problems using sonar drain tracing techniques.

Whereas a CCTV drain survey will indicate what a problem is, drain tracing enables us to pinpoint exactly where it is in the drainage system.

How Sonar Drain Tracing Works

We use our specialist equipment to transmit electronic pulses which bounce off the drain, allowing us to read its location. This is essentially making use of an echo as a location tool.

The transmitter goes into the drain, while we use a receiver above ground to read the pulses.

We can use sonar to pinpoint where the defects shown on the CCTV footage are, and we can use it to locate concealed manholes and inspection chambers, as well as to ascertain the exact depth of a drain.

The Benefits of Drain Tracing

 With sonar drain tracing we can eliminate guesswork, making it easier for us to accurately quote for the work you need us to do. The information we gather means we can work more efficiently and eliminate the need for exploratory excavation we have to do.

It is therefore crucial in the planning stage, and it helps us avoid any unpleasant surprises which might otherwise delay or disrupt a project – and make it cost more.

So, for a less disruptive, more efficient and cost effective means of detecting drainage problems, drain tracing is ideal.

If you have an issue with your drains, we can sort it out for you. Contact Drainage Consultants today.