New Scottish housing fund set up to tackle drainage issues

It has been reported this week that the Scottish Government are to put forward £10 million which will go towards housing infrastructure projects in the country which currently suffer from flooding and drainage-related problems.

This announcement is a huge boost for the Scottish construction industry as these loans will be able to support these new homes developments.

At the present time, there are many projects which have been put on hold because of things like flooding, water contamination and blocked drainage. This new fund will hopefully address these issues and allow the work to go ahead.

Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment, explained that this money aims at “kick starting a range of developments in urban and rural communities across Scotland.”

He added:

“Loans will be for companies to build the roads or lay the pipes and cables that mean housing developments can go ahead. Unlocking development in this way will deliver a major boost to the Scottish economy worth far in advance of the initial £10 million investment and supporting many construction industry jobs.”

There are many parts of Scotland which suffer from flooding and other drainage issues, so this news of increased funding is sure to help development in the current economic climate.

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