Long-awaited drainage works now underway in Holbeach

Shop owners in the Lincolnshire town of Holbeach received some great news this week that many had been waiting for nearly 20 years – drainage work has now been started in Fleet Street.

People had complained that spray from flooding that collects during periods of heavy rain had ruined buildings and caused many more issues for residents and business owners.

Lincolnshire County Council are now looking to solve the problem once and for all after being granted funding from the Flood Defence Grant In Aid Scheme, run by the Environment Agency, which has agreed to contribute nearly all of the £75,000 in costs for this work to proceed.

After a particularly bad flash storm flooding incident in 2007 where a river of water flowed by the Fleet Street shops, many called for action to be taken.

Engineers will be installing a new drainage pipe beneath the road as part of the scheme, while putting in manholes to discharge any excess water, taking it to the existing Damgate drainage system.

Coun Eddy Poll said:

“We’re delighted to have received this additional funding from the Environment Agency. These areas all have a history of flooding and we only have to think back to 2007 to remember the devastating impact that it can have on people’s lives.”

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