How a drainage contractor may approach drain cleaning

If you ever require the services of a drainage contractor to maintain the drains connecting your home or work premises with the sewerage network this may be a routine job or to fix a stubborn blockage in the pipes.

Depending on the nature of the callout the engineers may decide to carry out a drain inspection first. This usually involves the use of CCTV surveys, a really cost effective practice which can easily identify any problem within the pipes.

Even if there is no immediate issue to deal with, it may be decided that this is the most appropriate cause of action before the actual cleaning work gets underway.

When it comes to the cleaning of the drains, this can be carried out quickly and effectively. Although it is advised that this is done on a regular basis to ensure the smooth flow of water through the system, once it has been completed this should mean you are not going to experience any immediate drainage problems.

High pressure water jetting is the method commonly used to flush through the drainage system and power through any clogging which happens to be there. The force of the water is normally enough to remove even the most stubborn of blockages.

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