How is Drain Tracing Crucial to Drainage Detective Work?

There are a number of tools at our disposal when it comes to drainage inspection and the detecting and diagnosing of drainage problems. Our methods have evolved and become both modernised and more streamlined. Where once we would have relied on drainage rods, now our kit includes CCTV cameras and sonar drain tracing equipment. The detective work is equally important as problem solving, and we have various ways of investigating drains in advance of working out what action to take.

Drain tracing is a vital part of what we do, enabling us to pinpoint with great accuracy the locations of defects and faults. We use it in conjunction with the CCTV drain survey, where we can take the data we’ve gathered there and focus on key trouble spots prior to any excavation work.

It’s crucial that we’re fully prepared and knowledgeable about any situation where we’re going to be working, and sonar drain tracing gives us an early warning about any tricky locations or issues around concealed manholes and collapsed pipes.

It works like this. Specialist drain tracing equipment sends electrical pulses down the drain network, via a transmitter placed in the drain. These sonar pulses can be followed by our team above ground using a receiver, enabling us to get a clear reading of what the network below ground is like.

The use of drain tracing technology is economical both in terms of saving us time and effort prior to starting any work, and in what it costs you the customer as the information gathered allows us to quote accurately and affordably for the work to be done.

Needless to say, the benefits overall are that we’re able to undertake and complete our work on your behalf with maximum efficiency, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve done this using the very best, cutting edge equipment.

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