Should You Have a Drain Survey to Fight the Fat?

If one person in every five in the north west fries food at least three days a week, and if this involves fat being poured down the sink, then the potential for drain blockages is high. Utility companies answer a large number of callouts arising from congealed cooking fat blocking drains and the cost is huge, at least £20 million spent in the region annually.

Fat and grease from cooking starts to solidify as it cools down. Over time it coats the internal walls of pipes and chambers so reducing the internal bore, or diameter, of the drainage system. The more oil and fat put down the drain, the less efficient the drains are likely to become, which in turn means less oil and grease can be flushed away, so there is an ongoing cause and effect.

Large public sewers and drains will have to cope with oil and fat from restaurants, pubs and other food outlets. For domestic drains, their ability to work efficiently is hampered by fat gathering in the area beneath the sink and where the kitchen outlet meets the main drainage pipe.

A drain survey is crucial in diagnosing this kind of blockage, particularly in being able to detect the build up of fat and grease before it gets to the stage where cleaning it up is going to be time consuming and costly.

Where drainage is persistently slow, or blockages are frequent, a drain survey can reveal exactly the extent of the issue. Once the drainage system has been thoroughly examined, using sonar tracing and CCTV cameras, we can get a clear idea of where the blockages are and if there are any weaknesses in the system that are enabling them to occur.

There are steps you can take to avoid blockages from fat and grease, most obviously by limiting the amount of oil and fat you put down the drain, or avoiding doing it altogether. If, however, this advice comes too late, a drain survey will at least provide you with a proper diagnosis of your drainage problem and we will be able to recommend the best plan of action to have your drains fixed and working as they should.

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