Did you heed the drainage warning this Christmas?

Just before Christmas United Utilities reminded families living in the North West that they needed to think carefully before deciding to pour turkey fat into the drainage system.

This advice was offered so they didn’t face blocked pipes and huge repair costs when entering the new year. Hopefully, this time the usual million pints of fat was not disposed of in this way.

Regional wastewater network manager for the water company, Mike Wood, said at the time:

“Fat and grease cause more than half the sewer blockages we deal with every year. At Christmas, the volume of cooking fat entering the sewers goes up dramatically – which can spell big headaches for our engineers, and for households.

“When the fat cools, it hardens, clogging pipes and causing wastewater to spill out into streets, streams, rivers and even homes and gardens. And it’s not just our sewer pipes that suffer. Household pipes can get blocked too, resulting in hefty bills.

“We’re advising all our customers to pour their fat and oil into a container, and once cooled, scrape it out into the bin. It’s the surest way to avoid a messy and expensive Christmas.”

This is just one of the ways that people misuse their drains and so it is important to think very carefully about what you pour away down the sink and the toilet.

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