Councillor’s home flooded in Colwyn Bay

A local councillor’s home was flooded after an inspection drain overflowed in Colwyn Bay.

Councillor Don Porter noticed the problems at his home on Rivieres Avenue last week when his toilet would not flush properly. Councillor Porter who is a representative for Glyn Ward said he had plumbing problems earlier in the week.

He stated:

“We’d noticed on Saturday night that the toilet wouldn’t flush properly. We went out to find there was a problem with the main drains. I lifted the inspection hatch and it was full to the brim.”

An engineer was sent to the site with high pressure jetting equipment to try to shift the blockage.

However the jetting did not initially clear the drain, so Welsh Water conducted a CCTV survey of the sewer system. The flooding was put down to a section of private drainage pipe which had actually caused the problem. Councillor Porter stated:

“They cleared out the inspection drain, but there was no drop in water levels. The next morning, when I got up, the water was pouring through.”

Drain inspection engineers have a range of techniques that they can use to locate and solve problems with drainage systems.

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