Clearing blockages is only half the job

Many of us only really think about our drains at the point at which one becomes blocked. Slow drainage or a complete blockage is impossible to ignore, but they are merely easily-observable signs that something is wrong. In reality, many things can affect your drainage before you ever notice a problem.

Scaling can be a major cause of build-up and blockages. Matter can build up on the internal surface of the pipe, narrowing its diameter or sharp edges can gather dirt and lead to an eventual blockage after a period of time. In these instances, there is no need to wait for the blockage, the cause can be addressed through descaling.

Professional descaling equipment is highly sophisticated and very effective. In the simplest terms, a cable is fed through the pipe which loosens and removes any build-up of matter and also smooths away any rough edges. Having done this, the debris is then pushed through to a point where it can be removed.

If you find that your drains are regularly becoming blocked, it is highly likely that there is an underlying problem and it may be one which is easy to address through descaling.

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