CCTV Drain Survey: the Benefits of Spying

CCTV is an emotive issue. We are living, we’re told, in a surveillance society, where the increasing use of CCTV technology could, in the future, change how we live and interact with each other in ways we haven’t anticipated. A former senior counter-terrorism officer has warned the government that there needs to be more transparency around the role of CCTV cameras in surveillance with privacy versus security very much a discussion point.

CCTV technology has its critics and its champions, but context is the key thing. The use of cameras for medical purposes, for example, has obvious advantages in terms of diagnosis, treatment and surgical intervention. Similarly, when it comes to utilities, CCTV provides a modern, technological solution to the old problem of how to investigate in difficult to access areas thoroughly, and safely.

The CCTV drain survey is a vital aid to drainage specialists in diagnosing drain problems and in gathering accurate data for drain mapping. Situations arise where digging to investigate is not an option, whether due to the sensitivity of buildings in close proximity or other location factors. This problem can then be resolved by choosing to use CCTV technology to find out what’s going on underground.

The use of CCTV will enable the drainage specialist to pinpoint any trouble spots and difficult areas, discover exactly what the extent of the drainage network is, and diagnose issues and problems. The survey is cost-effective and quick and it’s a crucial means of discovering in advance what the state your drains are in.

Mortgage lenders and banks frequently stipulate these surveys as an essential pre-condition before purchasing a property; such is their effectiveness in accurately ascertaining the condition of a drainage network.

In the ongoing debate about surveillance and how technology affects us all, spare a thought for those areas where it definitely makes a positive contribution. And if your drains are a worry to you, contact us today and we’ll investigate them thoroughly using the state of the art CCTV equipment at our disposal.

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