What Causes Blocked Drains and Why Have a CCTV Drain Survey?

The drain survey isn’t a cure for blocked drains, but it is invaluable in enabling us to detect and diagnose a problem. Then we provide the cure. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that drain blockages are commonplace. Luckily, we have the technology and tools to be able to find out what the issue is in a quick, efficient and economical manner.

Why is this happening to me? That’s something we hear quite a lot. There are things that can happen over which you don’t have any control. For example, your pipe network may be old and deteriorating, unbeknownst to you. But there are common causes of blocked drains that you can at least look out for.

Your delicious Sunday roast could come back to haunt you. The clogging of drains by grease and fat is one of the most common causes of blockages. Fatty substances will stick to the inside of pipes, gradually building up over time until other liquid can’t get past.

Flushing unsuitable objects down the toilet is another common reason for blocked drains. Modern plumbing might offer the tempting prospect of making various things disappear conveniently, such as soap, sanitary items, cotton wool buds and wet wipes. But while these initially flush away, with persistent disposal, they may eventually build up, causing the drain to become blocked.

Outside a property there can also be problems. Stray leaves can block drains so it’s always worthwhile keeping your garden tidy and making sure leaves aren’t gathering at drain entrances or in gutters, particularly in Autumn. Trees can also damage drainage because their roots are naturally drawn to water sources, and can end up growing into pipe joints and cracking underground pipework.

If the worst does happen and you get a blocked drain, or if you think there is a problem due to poor drainage, bad smells or reduced water pressure, we can find out what the problem is with a CCTV drain survey. Where possible you should ensure that your drains are clear of obstacles and substances that could cause blockages, but you can also feel reassured that we’re here to offer our professional support and solutions.

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