Can a CCTV Drain Survey Rescue You from Worry, Danger and Disaster?

What are the business implications of having drains that don’t function properly, or become completely blocked? Whether you’re a business owner or a landlord, you could face a variety of serious and damaging consequences should drainage problems occur. It’s worth considering having your drains thoroughly inspected and a cost effective way of doing this is with a CCTV drain survey.

Having drains in poor condition can cause serious problems. If you run a customer-facing business you might have to shut it down while the drainage is being looked at – there are health and safety issues that might impact on you, resulting in unscheduled downtime. You might be putting your business premises in danger of flooding. Furthermore, if you’re a landlord you have obligations to your tenants regarding the condition of your property, and making sure the drains work, and that no one is going to be flooded out, is a very big one.

If you were feeling unwell you’d visit your doctor for a check up, and if there were signs of certain things being not quite right then the doctor would arrange to have tests done. It shouldn’t be any different for your property. If there’s any sign that your drains aren’t working as they should then the best thing you can do is to get them checked out.

A CCTV drain survey can reveal any weaknesses or problem areas and indicate how best to remedy them. This method minimises disruption to your property and becomes the basis for a thorough report and health-check for your drains. CCTV drain surveys are now an established industry-standard diagnostic tool and many banks and mortgage companies insist on them before granting loans for property purchases.

Don’t forget, early detection and diagnosis of a drainage problem, whether it’s a blocked drain or general pipe deterioration, will save you money and heartache in the long run.

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