A typical scenario for those responsible for water drainage

Water companies have made a concerted effort over the past few years to educate home and business owners about the problems which can be caused when unsuitable items are flushed away into the toilet and drains.
The result of this can lead to sewer blockages and so it is often the case that a drainage contractor is called in to deal with the situation.

Current campaigns such as United Utilities’ ‘What Not To Flush’ have been initiated because of these dangers and stressing the fact that a toilet should not be used as if it were a bin.

The company’s wastewater network manager for Cumbria, Paul Rigby, explained why the campaign was set up in the first place when he said:

“United Utilities clears 15,000 sewer blockages a year after the wrong items are flushed away. In most cases a blockage causes sewage to flood onto roads, pavements and even into customers’ homes. By using a bin in the bathroom instead of flushing waste, many of these cases of flooding can be avoided.”

This is not an isolated issue as water companies and drainage contractors up and down the country have to investigate and repair blockages and damaged pipes due to misuse of the sewer system.

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