Public Sewer Connections: Lateral Thinking – Who’s Responsible for Sewer Pipes?

Do you assume that your property is automatically connected to the public sewer system? You probably imagine that public sewer connections are the responsibility of utilities companies – large scale work that is not to do with you and your home.

Have you heard of a lateral drain? This is the drain outside your property boundary, connecting it to the public sewer network. At one time, lateral drains were the responsibility of property owners, which led to many complex ownership issues when problems occurred, as more than one property would feed into the lateral drain.

Since 2011, sewerage companies took on responsibility for these lateral drains, and other private sewers.

However, the last piece of the puzzle is your own connection to the public sewer, within your property boundary. This bit is your responsibility.

Your Public Sewer Connection

If you own a recently built property, or one that has been redeveloped, you may need to arrange to have it connected to the public sewer network.

Drains and sewers carrying your household waste are your responsibility, either as a homeowner or landlord. This involves you applying for a connection, to comply with Section 106 of the Water Industry Act.

What should you do to get this work carried out? The simplest way is to use a qualified contractor to do the work. Once the work is complete, the Water Authority will issue you with a Certificate of Satisfactory Inspection – all the more reason to ensure that whoever carries out the work is fully qualified and experienced to do so.

Drainage Consultants specialises in all aspects of drainage work, including public sewer connections. This can involve a variety of methods, such as adding an extra section of drain to connect your property to the public sewer; we might need to use a y-piece junction to connect to a curved pipe. Whatever the job demands, we have the professional means to tackle it efficiently and thoroughly.

You’re responsible for your property’s sewer connection but we can complete the work on your behalf, ensuring that your connection is fully compliant with the Water Authority’s conditions.

Contact Drainage Consultants today for more details about public sewer connections – what your responsibilities are and how we can help you.

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