What Work is Involved in Public Sewer Connections?

The public sewer is the pipe that carries wastewater from more than one property. Wastewater is foul or surface water. The public sewer is run and looked after by the local sewerage utilities company. However, if you have a new or existing property that requires connecting to the public sewer, this is work you need to arrange yourself. This is because the responsibility for this connection will lie within the boundary of your property.

Public sewer connections involve the kind of work that should be done by professional contractors who specialise in it. Once your chosen contractor has completed the work, you’ll need to apply for a Certificate of Satisfactory Inspection from the Water Authority. This involves them sending someone out to inspect and assess the work.

If this all sounds quite complicated you can rest assured that as a professional firm specialising in all aspects of drainage, we can carry out this work on your behalf. The crucial thing is that public sewer connections comply with the regulations laid down by the Water Authority, so that once you’re connected this can be approved and certified.

There are various methods we can use to make the connection, depending on how your property or site has been developed in relation to the existing public sewer. Sometimes we need to add an extra section of drain between your property and the public sewer, known as a lateral connection, usually if the sewer system runs beneath a road or land next to your location.

We may be required to use a Y-piece junction, or something called a saddle, which allows us to connect to a curved section of existing pipe. In short, we have a range of techniques and applications at our disposal to make sure that whatever your circumstances, we can complete the work to the highest standard.

If you’ve any questions, or indeed worries, about how to go about connecting to the public sewer, please give us a call. We’ll inspect your property, take you through exactly what’s needed, and take on the task of completing the work for you.

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