Petrol Interceptor Cleaning

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Petrol Interceptor Cleaning

Drainage Consultants Ltd offer a comprehensive and guaranteed service for all your petrol interceptor cleaning and maintenance solutions - Nationwide. Interceptors, separators and drainage accumulate chemicals, oils, debris and silt. They are the final defence against polluting our sewage and watercourse systems. It is therefore vital to ensure the correct installation and maintenance, to reduce the risk of flooding and contamination.

Our petrol interceptor cleaning is designed to ensure a complete service, to include:

  1. Petrol interceptor cleaning and jetting
  2. Cleaning gullies & manholes, and tank chambers emptied and cleaned thoroughly
  3. Safety checks, and advice on potential issues; keeping your site safe and inside the framework of legislation
  4. Detailed log and service plan of each inspection, when the interceptor is emptied; including notes on cleaning, repairs and any incidents noted
  5. Peace of mind that your waste has been correctly disposed of, at a licensed treatment facility

Fuel forecourts, lorry depots, airports, car parks, storage areas and large industrial areas are under heavy stresses every day, from passing vehicles, fuel spillage, oil leaks etc. All these can lead to unsightly and potentially dangerous surfaces. To ensure correct maintenance contact us on: 0845 226 5060 for a comprehensive quote.

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Just Give Us A Call on 0845 226 5060

To see what we can do for you call our specialist team for an initial assessment. Phone or contact us online and we reply within 24 hours for an initial consultation with a fully accredited engineer.

Failure to carry out regular petrol interceptor cleaning and maintenance can have serious consequences for your business, and the environment.  Prosecution, hefty fines and clean-up costs can have a devastating effect on your business.

The Environment Agency regulations and guidelines are enforced stringently, so if you’re in any doubt call us for expert advice. T. 08000 654111.


Why choose Drainage Consultants Ltd

  1. We understand the legislative laws that cover petrol interceptor cleaning
  2. We operate a highly responsive petrol interceptor cleaning service; removing any oil, silt, sludge and other debris
  3. Our fleet of vacuumation tankers and jetting solutions are state of the art
  4. Our staff are trained to the highest standards; including SPA safety passports, first aid and awareness training ~ ensuring your site is managed safely, without endangering staff or customers
Drainage Consultants
Drainage Consultants


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