How Tree Roots are Bad for Your Drains

Not all drainage problems are manmade, as nature plays its part in causing damage to drains.

Trees are a major cause of blocked drains and sewage networks. This is because tree roots can cause long-term damage to drains and, if left unattended, this can then lead to building subsidence.

Why are Trees Attracted to Drains?

Moisture forms on drainpipes from condensation. It can also come from leaking joints in the pipework. This moisture attracts tree roots. Sometimes there are excavations close by, and these make it easier for the roots to burrow into the ground to reach pipes.

Typically, the roots will follow the course of the excavation trenches originally in place to lay the pipework.

Once the tree roots reach the pipes they can end up making further inroads through joints in the pipework, or entering where there are fractures and cracks.

What Damage Can There Be?

Most drainage networks use clay pipes with joints made up of sand and cement. Trees can enter this type of pipework. If they do, they can then, over time, reduce the bore, or diameter, of the pipe, making it less effective at its job of carrying drain water away.

Tree root incursion may also fracture the pipework, which will then cause it to leak. Leaking pipework, if not within the property but under the ground, can eventually undermine a building’s foundations.

How a Drain Survey Helps

If a property is located near trees, or has trees within its boundary, then a drain survey is essential for finding out if the tree roots are burrowing near, or into, the property’s pipework.

Ultimately, the aim is to be preventative, but even if damage has already occurred, getting to it sooner rather than later can save a lot of trouble and expense.

A drain survey is there to give answers, uncover problems and reassure homeowners and landlords when it comes to protecting property in the long-term.

Don’t gamble with your property’s future. A drain survey is cost-effective, quick and efficient. Contact Drainage Consultants to arrange yours.