The issue of fat clogging our drains

Drainage engineers up and down the country are constantly having to tackle the problems that fat can cause when it blocks our sewerage systems.

A recent trial in York has seen fat-busting bacteria being put to good use by eating up the fact beneath this historic city. So far the signs seem to show it has been a success. Extreme methods like this are becoming more commonplace as drainage experts look to find new ways to remove fat from building up in the drains.

However, this issue wouldn’t be half as big as it is today if people didn’t contribute to the problem by pouring liquid fat down their sinks on a regular basis.

When homeowners do this, drain blockages can occur in the sewers in the road adjacent to their properties.
This is due to the fact fat can accumulate and as soon as it cools down, it becomes attached to the pipe wall and the wastewater flow is unable to loosen it. Over time, other debris is added to it and this just increases the chances of blockages happening here.

Fat traps are now available for homeowners to use and collect the fat they use during cooking. This way, once it has cooled and solidified, it can then be safely disposed of in the general waste.

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