Why Surveillance is a Good Thing for Drains

Is Big Brother watching you, and does it matter? The issue about the surveillance society keeps cropping up, along with the question of whether it matters when we’re being captured on CCTV so much of the time.

But for drains and drainage issues, surveillance is undoubtedly a good thing.

The CCTV drain survey is an essential diagnostic tool in discovering otherwise hidden issues affecting drain networks.

The Benefits of Spying

Context is the thing that makes all the difference with surveillance and spying. CCTV cameras are used routinely in medical procedures and for diagnostic purposes and no one complains about it.

The same is true for drainage. By using CCTV technology, we can discover more about drains, and save both time and money in the process.

Without CCTV technology, we might need to conduct exploratory excavation work, and the whole process of finding the root causes of drainage issues can be lengthier, and involve more resources, and expense.

There can be tricky location factors, where buildings and other utilities cause complications in diagnosing drainage issue. And where there are construction and refurbishment projects, existing drainage plans can often be out of date.

A CCTV drain survey provides much-needed answers about drainage networks.

How CCTV Works for Drains

Using specially developed technology, we can send a camera down the drainage network and remotely record its progress. This will provide valuable information regarding the state of the drains, including where there are any damaged areas.

It also means we can get an up-to-date picture regarding inspection chambers and manhole entry points.

CCTV allows us to put together up to date plans of drainage networks, and, where necessary, provide full DVD footage to accompany our findings.

Where work is required, this data provides a full, diagnostic background to any proposed plan of action.

Our customers get full visibility, both of the drainage network, and of our plans and what we base our quotations on.