Solving drainage problems

Drainage problems can be a headache for any homeowner. In the worst cases, raw sewage can actually enter your home and have devastating consequences.

If you notice that the toilet level is taking longer than usual to drop, or you are having problems with the sink draining, it could be the start of a drainage problem. Drain inspection engineers have all the tools and knowledge at their disposal to find drain problems and fix them quickly before they worsen.

Some of the things drainage contractors can do to solve drain blockages include:

Drain jetting

Drain jetting is one of the easiest ways that drain inspection engineers can remove a blockage from a sewer. Using a high power jet of water, the blocked waste can easily be broken up and flushed down the drain.

CCTV surveys

If the blockage cannot be removed using drain jetting equipment, the drain inspection engineers may have to conduct a CCTV survey of the pipe. As part of the survey, a CCTV camera is inserted into the pipe and real-time images are displayed on a computer screen. This enables the drainage contractor to view the problem so they can take the necessary remedial action.

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