Root intrusion in drainage pipes

One of the most common causes of drain blockages is root intrusion.

The roots from trees and plants in your garden often find their way into the drainage pipe that leads from your home to the public sewer in their quest for an easy source of water. And because some of the drainage pipes that lead from homes are in excess of 50 years old, their structural integrity is not as it once was. This leads to the connection points between the pipes breaking down and roots getting into the system.

Once in your drainage system, roots will quickly multiply until the root ball created completely blocks your pipe. At this point the waste water that needs to be taken away from your home will no longer be able to flow though the pipe and it will overflow. In some cases this overflow may be into your home and can cause serious damage for the homeowner.

If you have a drain blockage caused by root intrusion, a drainage contractor will use a spinning root cutter to remove the roots from the pipe. They will then use CCTV survey equipment to look at the damage caused and suggest a remedy such as a patch liner repair to solve the problem.

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