What is the Purpose of Drain Tracing?

What is drain tracing and when do we use it? It’s a diagnostic tool to help us investigate drainage problems, and it’s especially useful when there are issues to do with gaining access to drainage networks.

Like drain surveys, drain tracing is a means of finding out more about your drains, and identifying problem areas and drainage difficulties.

Not all drainage issues are easy to detect, and, even where we’ve discovered them through our CCTV investigations, we need to be able to accurately pinpoint their exact location.

Furthermore, in locations where drainage repairs might cause disruption to other utilities, or pipes, then sonar drain tracing is essential for mapping out the network.

Using Sonar

We transmit electrical pulses beneath the ground through a specialist device that allows us, effectively, to ‘see’ with sound, using echo.

Coming through an above ground receiver, the pulses ping back to us, enabling us to build a clear picture of the inside of the network, from manholes and inspection chambers to areas of collapsed drains or other damage. It will tell us how deep the drains run, and where they run to.

How You Benefit from Drain Tracing

Drainage problems, while displaying clear, sometimes dramatic, symptoms, can be hard to pinpoint, and undertaking exploratory work like digging adds to the time and expense involved.

Drain tracing means we can eliminate any guesswork, and plan based on clear readings of what the drainage network is like. It makes the whole process that much more efficient, and reduces the chances of us encountering anything unforeseen once we commence our remedial work.

It saves us time, and resources, and it saves you money. We can quote far more accurately for the work we will need to do, and we won’t need to cost in exploratory excavations.

In all, drain tracing means less disruption and, generally, greater savings, which we can pass on to you, the customer.

We act on your behalf, working to the highest professional standards. If you’re at all worried about your drains, contact us today.