How trenchless technology can be used for root removal

When it comes to repairing drainage pipes, root intrusion is one of the most common issues drainage engineers have to face. This is because these roots can bore their way into the system by pushing through minute fissures and cracks in the surface of the pipes.

One in there, they can soon multiply once they enter the drains as water is so readily available. At its worst, the problem with root intrusion can prevent water from flowing through the drain completely.

drainage contractor will make use of the latest technology to take on these types of blockages to avoid the need for drain excavation. The roots can be removed from the drainage pipes using a method known in the industry as trenchless technology.

This work is undertaken by inserting a spinning root cutter into the drain pipes with the equipment able to cut the roots back all the way to the inside lining of the pipe. Once this has been achieved, to prevent the problem returning, a liner is then set inside the drainage system to form a barrier which roots cannot penetrate.

In larger cities, root intrusion is a growing issue, especially when improvements haven’t been made for some time on an aging drain system. The drainage maintenance experts are then required to tackle these troublesome roots.

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