How to prevent drainage problems around the home

While unforeseen circumstances do happen from time to time which are completely unavoidable, when it comes to sewer blockages, it is often the case that a bit more awareness of what is being put into the toilet and sink could go a long way to reducing the risk of flooding within the home or garden.

By putting large objects or fat and grease down the drain, this can cause blockages in the sewers. In the case of fat, this can result in problems further down the line after it hardens. This, along with the other products which are not suitable for being flushed away in this way, can all contribute to the build-up in the drains and eventually lead to flooding.

These drainage problems can be avoided though basic drain maintenance and watching what is poured down the sink and the toilet. If you have any insoluble materials or plastic, do not get rid of it through the drainage. More than two thirds of all blocked drains are due to disposing of these items in the sewage system. Make sure you put these products into the waste bin instead.

If you ever do find you need the help of the professionals to sort out a drainage problem in your home, then be sure to get in touch right away so the issue does not escalate further.

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